Readers Rally To Save Dog Who Lost His Leg After A Hit-And-Run

After Tasz, a Pomeranian/Poodle mix, was nearly killed in a hit-and-run, his distraught family was put in an impossible position. Doctors told the dog’s owner, Jasmine, that amputating the dog’s mangled front leg was his best option, but that this emergency surgery would cost her $3,400.

The Connecticut woman would do anything for her beloved pet, but there was no way she could afford such a hefty sum, especially during a pandemic that already left her working fewer hours. This heartbreaking predicament led Jasmine to create a fundraising campaign on Waggle, which works with The Animal Rescue Site and Freekibble to raise money for sick or injured animals, like Tasz, in desperate need of medical care.

Soon generous donations were pouring in to save the 5-year-old dog. “It was amazing!” said Jasmine of the unexpected deluge of support from kind strangers. Before long, Jasmine had fully funded her Waggle campaign, thus providing Tasz with the life-saving surgery he needed to make a full recovery. “I’m so thankful! And I’m just thankful that [Tasz is] still here with us,” she said. “He’s part of our family.”

Tasz is currently recuperating at home, and his family reports that the injured dog grows stronger every day. “He has a long life ahead of him. He’s a happy, happy dog,” Jasmine said. “He’s full of life, and we are so grateful!”

Now the Animal Rescue Site and Freekibble are working with Waggle to help Luna, a poodle mix who nearly died in a house fire that killed her 7 pet siblings. The sweet dog escaped with her life, but not before sustaining critical burns that would require surgeries, skin grafts, and weeks of hospital care.

Like Jasmine, Luna’s owners would do anything to save their beloved pet, but these medical procedures have added up to a truly enormous hospital bill that’s far too expensive for them to cover alone. We’re collecting donations to support Luna’s recovery and help her owners (who are also struggling to cope with the loss of their home, all their belongings, and grieving for their other pets) during this incredibly challenging time.

Please click here to learn more about Luna’s story and donate to her medical fund. Every donation will help Luna get the medical care she needs to live a long and happy life!

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