Ready For Heartwarming! Dog Found Frozen To The Ground Now Awaits Adoption

They named her Frozen, an apt moniker for the pit bull mix Saginaw police found frozen to the ground last month as she desperately clung to life.

Frozen recovered well at the shelter according to Saginaw Animal Care and Control Director Lisa Stoffel.

“Unfortunately, when they’re out like that in the cold, we’ve had some really bad cold snaps,” Stoffel told M Live. “Then they just lay down, go to sleep and get some rest, while the condensation freezes them to the ground.”

Animals in that condition cannot be warmed quickly, though. Or pulled from the ice. A blanket eased her body temperature back up and Frozen was carefully removed. Stoffel said it didn’t take long for the 1.5-year old pup to bounce back, but warm fluids were a part of her recovery.

This winter, five Michigan dogs have been found frozen to the ground. Four of them survived the ordeal.

Frozen is now ready for her forever home and can be your new Queen Elsa for a $62 adoption fee. Stoffel noted that she’s friendly and gets along with other dogs.

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