Real Life “The Fox And The Hound”: This Baby Fox Loves This Dog So Much

We all love animal friendships! We find these friendships beautiful and amazing, because despite their differences, they have learned to get along with each other, and they absolutely love each other!

And now we have another unusual animal friendship that will make you smile! Remember that classic story “The Fox and The Hound”? This friendship is the real-life take on that story! The friendship between the fox and the dog started when a farmer found a stray fox, brought him to the farm, and named him Chappie. Ever since then, Chappie has made the farm his home. There he found his best friend, a dog named Merle. Although Chappie loves to play with all the other dogs in the farm, Merle is special to him. Merle dug a den for Chappie, and Chappie doesn’t allow the other dogs inside his den except Merle! Watch the video below for the full story!

Aren’t they adorable? Chappie is so cute! And it seems like he’s becoming more like a dog than a wild fox!

Do you think Chappie will stay on the farm, or will he choose to live freely? Although Chappie deserves his freedom, I sure would want him to stay in the farm. He just looks so happy with his dog friends! What do you think?

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