Reality star outraged after seeing dogs in small cages at Chanel store

A reality television star was outraged after seeing two large dogs in small cages inside a London Chanel store  over the weekend. Tabitha Willett, 27, shared a photo of the dogs lying in the cages that had barely enough room. The elegant Chanel store is located on Sloane Street.

Willett is the new girl in the Made in Chelsea series and describes herself as an animal lover.

The photos, shown on Willett’s Instagram account, were taken on Friday evening at 11:00 p.m. Neither of the dogs had access to any food or water.

“Chanel why are there two dogs in tiny cages in your shop at 11pm?,” Tabitha posted next to the photos.

She continued explaining she contacted the exclusive shop and was  told the dogs were there for security purposes.

“…I don’t understand as they are locked in crates and the crates are far too small for their size. Also no water is visible at all and one of the dogs wagged friendly[sic} when my friend who videoed this walked up to the window so not very scary?”

Chanel responded assuring her the dogs were only kept in the crates for a few hours at a time and that there was also a “human man there as well.” The dogs had been brought into the store for security after several incidents “to reinforce the security measures by seeking the services of a dog handler.”

According to the RSPCA, who is investigating the incident, the minimum size of a dog crate should be large enough for the dog to stand, sit up, turn around and stretch or lie in a natural position. The animals should also have access to water at all times and water should always be within reach while inside of the crate.

(Photos via Instagram)

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