Reasons Why We Call Dogs ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Friends come in all shapes and sizes… and species! But there are lots of reasons we call dogs “Man’s Best Friend.” Here are 25 reasons dogs make the absolute best pals.

Just looking at them will brighten your day!

And with remodeling! 😉

They can even help around the house with chores!

They’re always willing to listen to any crazy idea you may have…

And make the best babysitters!

Dogs are extremely patient.

…And they are amazing cuddle buddies!

Their fur makes for a great blanket…

They love naps just as much as you do.

You’ll never eat alone as long as you have a dog!

A pup will comfort you when you need it the most.

A nice road trip is right up their alley.

…And never want to stop hugging when you return.

They can’t stand to be away from you…

They’ll play along with any of your embarrassing ideas. 😉

…And always know how to cheer us up!

Dogs are always in the mood to cuddle…

You have a very special friend for life.

They have an amazing sense of fashion.

They’re always in the mood to play!

They’ll guard you from any type of danger, including scary, circular vacuum cleaners. 😉

They’re always up for an adventure!

They make great sidekicks! 🙂

They love us unconditionally.

They are always there to greet you in the morning!

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