Reasons You Think Animals Are Better Than People

C’mon, admit it – you’ve always liked animals better than people. If not, maybe you will after you read this! Check out the 19 very convincing reasons below. 🙂

Animals help you out as much as they can. And NEVER complain about it!

Animals can look smug and are still amazing.

Speaking of greetings, animals do it best!

They are always happy and ready to greet you when you come home. 🙂

Animals love to sit on the sofa right next to you.

They are ALWAYS happy!

Unlike most people, animals are COMPLETELY adorable when sleeping. 🙂

They will wait outside the door for you and give you some space.

Animals don’t think about rolling around on the ground. They just DO IT. 🙂

You still want to hug wet animals.

Animals enjoy a nice sunset.

No prejudices. Even when one of them is a pig.

…But when it’s time to have fun, they know it!

They know how to behave in the pool…

Animals will take care of you – no questions asked.

Dogs are loads of fun anywhere you take them!

Animals let you put your face on their soft fur.

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