Reese Witherspoon Recreates One Of Her Iconic Movie PostersWith Her Dog

The 2014 movie, Wild, starred Reese Witherspoon. For the promotional movie poster, Witherspoon was photographed staring off into the unknown while wearing a large backpack. While that was already a few years ago, Witherspoon recently decided to revive it with an adorable spin of her own.

The award-winning actress posted a very precious photo to her Instagram where she showed off her Boston Terrier pup. Witherspoon had put her canine companion into the hood of her sweatshirt and the two of them posed for the camera together. Witherspoon added the caption, “my little hood baby dog” to the picture. And it was just adorable.

Besides posting it to her page, she also added it to her Instagram Stories and asked her followers to feel free to ask her about the little pooch. Many of her followers were happy to accommodate, with so many people commenting on how precious the little terrier was. One person wrote that she was so small and referred to the post as “cuteness overload.”

But perhaps the most noticeable thing about Witherspoon’s post was her lack of makeup and how stunning she looks. Besides a little eye makeup, her face appears bare. And there is a reason for her ageless skin. As Reese’s makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan has previously shared, she will often use the proper prep in order to keep her client’s skin healthy. Skincare is essential, and what Witherspoon’s makeup artist often uses is The Inkey List line.

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