This Relationship Is Special For More Than One Reason. Just Wait Till You See That Kitten. Oh My.

We have to admit that some cats-dogs friendships are as cute as friendships could ever be. These two have such an adorable friendship, and I bet they have the most amazing time together. Life would not feel the same if they did not have one another. We are talking here about a little tinny kitten, and a grown up dog. The two of them are roommates, friends, and siblings. You will not imagine how sweet the relationship between these two is, until you see the video.


As for now allow me to give you a hint. We are talking about Murkin (the grown up dog) and Wobblepants (the tiny little cat.) The thing is that the kitty suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a rare embryonic developmental disorder in which the cerebellum is either missing entirely or is smaller than usual. But the little kitten has no idea about her special condition. All she knows is that she is just a little happy pet, that has to make everything out of life. She acts just like every other cat does. She likes to groom herself daily because she is a really clean kitty, and she likes to play as much as she cans.

You will witness from the video that the little kitty is a happy little pet. On the other hand you will notice that her bestie, Murkin is a laid-back dog that chooses to live life in calm. Even though he can’t play with the little kitty as much as she would like, at least he is a good companion. He supports her every day, and together they make the perfect living couple. If you have a dog and a cat that get along very well together, then you will be able to understand the relation between these to better.

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