Remember To Knock On The Hood Of Your Car During The Winter To Check For Sleeping Cats

During wintertime, many outdoor or stray cats like to shield themselves from the cold by curling up under the hoods of cars. They are attracted to the residual heat coming off our cars’ engines.

Of course, they have no idea just how dangerous this is for them, as someone might start their car being completely unaware that there is a cat hiding underneath their car’s hood.

Since it is next to impossible to explain this danger to cats, it is up to us humans to make sure that we check our cars before starting the engines to make sure there are no kitties hiding out.

Not everyone is aware that simply knocking on your car hood can end up saving a cat’s life. That is why Nissan released the adorable yet highly important video which employs precious kittens to help drivers remember the importance of giving their hood a good tap before starting the car.

Watch the video below and share it with your friends and family to make them aware of the importance.

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