Rescue Cat Snuggles With Vet Hospital’s Patients To Help Them Feel Relaxed During Their Procedures

This six-month-old kitten named Ron was rescued, along with three other kittens, from a feral cat colony.

Ron spends his time at the Northfield Veterinary Hospital in Denver, Colorado, and provides a ‘nursing service’ to dogs and cats who go there for non-sterile dental work.

When a highly aggressive, anxiety-ridden cat came to them, Ron hopped on his carrier and within minutes, the cat was purring and playing with Ron. The cat even let vets touch him afterward, something he wouldn’t allow before meeting Ron.

From that moment on, the hospital referred to Ron as the “therapy cat.” Ron lays with the furry patients, snuggling and cuddling them to make them feel as relaxed as possible during their procedures. He’d use his body heat to keep them warm, and would even check on them after their procedures. Ron got along with all other animals, and the dogs and other cats loved him right back!

After the hospital’s owner posted pictures of Ron snuggling with patients online, people began requesting Ron’s service when they got there.

Today, Ron has brought his cuddles from the hospital into his new forever home! He has since been adopted and now his new family is lucky enough to enjoy all of the snuggles from Ron!

You can see Ron snuggling up with the patients in the video below:

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