Rescue Corgi Senses Man In Airport Needs Comforting, Approaches Him

Cora the Corgi was rescued from a backyard breeder just before turning eight years old. She had spent her entire life just being used to produce litters of puppies and knowing nothing else. The family decided it was time to get rid of her after her last litter only produced one healthy puppy. Not only was her life about to change, she was about to change someone’s life forever.

Madison Palm decided to take Cora in and foster her, but that didn’t last. Madison realized there was no way she could ever let Cora go and adopted her! Cora had been through so much in life but had so much love to give. She has such an incredible personality that her mom got her trained as a therapy dog!

The Corgi is excited to meet every person she comes across and never strays too far from mom’s side. She’s a bigtime lap dog who wants to be petted at all times. Her gentle and kind nature is usually the first thing people comment on after meeting her.

Cora’s always walking up to strangers just to say hello. And when she and her mom were traveling and ended up stuck in an airport, she had a field day! There were lots of people for the sweet Corgi to meet, but one particular passenger needed her more than the others.

The dog walked around greeting everyone then decided to take a nap, so mom let go of her leash. Before mom knew it, Cora had woken up and snuck over to a man. She sat at his feet as he petted her, and mom intervened and asked if she was bothering him. He then made it very clear that she was not bothering him at all.

“I asked him if she was bothering him and with a somber face and watery eyes he said, ‘No, no; I lost my dog last night.’” she told The Dodo. “He scratched behind her ears, patted her on the back and was whispering how cute she was. He took out his phone to snap a photo and she sat directly in front of him facing him and staying perfectly still for it.”

Somehow Cora sensed that something was wrong with this man and that he needed her the most out of everyone in the airport. For a dog who lived most of her life unloved, she sure knows how to love others. I suppose that’s just one of the many amazing gifts dogs can possess.

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