Rescue Dog Astonishes Shelter Staff With His Adorable Smile

Cheech, a stray from the streets of Texas, went through quite a journey before landing in the newly established Waller City Animal Rescue Shelter. Some staff members initially suspected that the tiny dog might be aggressive and thus, wary of anyone trying to approach him. But, much to their astonishment, little Cheech greeted his rescuers with the broadest smile they’d ever seen!

“I went into his kennel to check him out and called for the other staff members to come take a look,” recalled Leah Sipe, director of the Waller City Animal Shelter and Rescue Center. “They thought I was crazy and that he was snarling, but when I stuck my hand in the kennel to reassure them, I think they were ready to faint. He’s as friendly as can be!”

In an effort to find Cheech a forever home, a photo of him showcasing his unique smile was shared on Facebook. The post certainly did its job! Thousands of inquiries poured in, but in the end, it was a woman who had recently lost her cat to cancer and was looking for a new companion for her other dog, Dusty, who took home the charming, smiling pooch!

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