Rescue Dog Barks For 5 Hours To Save 92-Year-Old Owner After She Fell Behind Bushes

Some heroes have four legs and bark! Marie Alexander, 92, went to the shelter and saved a Chihuahua, nine-years-old, and named her Sassy. Sassy returned the favor and saved Maxie! Maxie had gone outside to get the mail when she made a misstep and fell backward and couldn’t get up. Marie didn’t think anyone would see her because she had fallen behind the fence and bushes.

Luckily, Sassy saw was outside with her and wasn’t going to rest until someone helped her owner. Sassy barked – for five hours non-stop. Sassy typically only barked when the doorbell rang. But the day Marie fell, Sassy barked at every car that passed hoping to get someone’s attention! Finally, a couple walking by heard Sassy barking and came to see what was wrong.

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