Rescue Dog Becomes Local Hero For Saving Owner’s Life After He Falls During A Stroke

I think we all would agree that dogs are awesome, especially if we have one in our family. For a man named Brian in New Jersey, however, the awesomeness of his rescue dog speaks for itself.

Brian rescued Sadie, a German Shepherd from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. Sadie is now six years old and when they were home alone one day, Brian suffered from a stroke and fell down.

Unable to move, Sadie realized that something was wrong. She began licking his face and even dragged him to his cellphone, which was on the other side of the room.

The shelter went on Facebook to talk about Sadie and the heroic way in which she handled the situation. They said that she is the “only reason” Brian could call for help.

Brian is now at a rehab center recovering from the stroke and Sadie is enjoying some time with Brian’s family. In true quarantine fashion, Sadie is able to visit with Brian on video chat every night.

It’s always incredible when you hear about dogs going special things. I would say that Sadie went far beyond doing something special, she is a hero.

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