Rescue Dog Can’t Believe How Many Puppies She Just Gave Birth To

When Elsa arrived in the care of the RSPCA’s Essex South, Southend & District branch, she was very, very pregnant. Her rescuers were expecting her to give birth to six puppies, and quickly made her comfortable in a foster home as they waited for the happy day to come.

In early March, Elsa finally gave birth — to quite a few more puppies than everyone had been expecting.

“We knew Elsa was expecting at least six, but we were shocked when 13 arrived,” Kathy Butler, the branch manager, said in a press release.

Elsa gave birth to twice the amount of puppies everyone had been prepared for. Luckily, Elsa herself was pretty prepared and immediately transitioned into mom mode to care for her very large new family.

“Elsa is a very attentive mum and has done a wonderful job so far, and we’re thrilled that all 13 … are getting bigger and stronger every day,” Butler said.

Since there are so many puppies, Elsa’s rescuers have had to help her out by bottling-feeding some of the puppies since there isn’t enough room for all of them to nurse at once. It’s a big job that no one was expecting, but the puppies are all doing well and growing the way they’re supposed to, which is all that matters.

The puppies don’t have names yet, but the RSPCA is hoping to give them all Disney-inspired names, just like their mom. People even have the opportunity to sponsor a puppy to help with the costs and care of the large family and can then suggest a Disney name if they’d like.

Everyone was extremely surprised when Elsa gave birth to so many puppies, but they’re all settling in just fine, and the shelter can’t wait to find all 13 puppies and their mom the best forever homes once they‘re ready.

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