Rescue Dog Has A Strange Fascination With Peanut Butter

There are some dogs that like food and other dogs that love food. In either case, food is a part of their life, and there is no getting around it.

Of course, this really shouldn’t seem all that strange to humans, who also tend to be fixated on what they consume every day. Stick around any conversation for more than a few minutes, and somebody will mention food.

At times, however, dogs take their love of food to the next level. They may have a favorite food, and any time it is nearby, they can’t help but go a little crazy.

For many dogs, a favorite food is pizza. Is it the best food for them? No, but that doesn’t stop them from loving it.

According to GeoBeats Animals, Ollie is a rescue pup that also has a love of food, but not just any food. His human brother calls him a little eccentric.

When they rescued Ollie, he was having some difficulty. He has what they call a “crazy eye” and a bit of a crooked walk. Ollie was also the runt of the litter, so he had to deal with that as well.

As far as his favorite food is concerned, there is no doubt that it is peanut butter. In fact, peanut butter makes him go a little crazy, and anytime it is around, he will talk and bark until he gets some.

Although Ollie loves peanut butter, he loves something else even more. He loves his human mom, and you also see that in the video below:

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