Rescue Dog Who Knows The Life Of A Stray Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats On Her Daily Walks

Fay and Dionisis are a couple that lives in Athens, Greece. They walk their dog, Meli, three times a day and when they are out and about they also feed about 30 stray cats. But, the cats refuse to take the food if Meli isn’t around! Fay and Dionisis have been working on neutering as many cats as possible in the area to keep the number of strays down.

They have managed to get about 99% of the cats neutered. The couple also keeps the neighborhood cleaner with the use of dry cat food. As founding members of the non-profit rescue group called SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society), Fay and Dionisis are helping the homeless animals of Greece.

On their Facebook page, the groups stated we all have scars and some scars need more help than others to heal. Their mission is simple, rescue, neuter, adopt. Share away, people!

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