Rescue Dog Repays Family By ‘Shielding’ Little Girl From Deadly Rattlesnake

The DeLuca family rescued a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Haus, who showed his gratitude by saving the family’s 7-year-old daughter, Molly, and their elderly grandma from a dangerous rattlesnake. Haus is being praised for his bravery.

While playing in the backyard of their Tampa home, Haus and Molly were startled by a venomous snake that suddenly appeared and headed toward Molly. Haus quickly positioned himself between his sister and the snake, taking multiple bites as he protected her.

Molly’s grandma came into the yard and realized that Haus was attempting to protect Molly from the dangerous snake. Despite her efforts to intervene, Haus persisted in attacking the snake until he was exhausted.

Haus was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, bleeding profusely, and the venom spreading rapidly through his veins. The usual anti-venom dose didn’t work, so the medical staff administered a constant anti-venom drip to save the 68-lb dog’s failing organs.

Miraculously, Haus survived the ordeal and continues to smile like a proud dog brother, despite the pain he endured. The DeLuca family believes Haus sets a great example for their children by consistently exhibiting selfless and courageous behavior.

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