Rescue Dog Wakes Parents To Save Baby From Hurricane Irma Flooding

Jason Hensley and Kym Rose of Oceanway, Florida are eternally grateful to their dog, Chase, for waking them up at 5 am on Monday, September 11. Flood waters caused by Hurricane Irma had entered the house and were nearly as high as baby Jude’s bassinet when Chase jumped on the bed soaking wet. Rose told First Coast News:

“I was sleeping right here, Jude was sleeping in his bassinet, his swing. Chase ran and jumped on the bed, it startled me he was so wet, so I got up and put my feet on the ground and knew the house had flooded and started freaking out.”

Hensley and Rose were able to pass Jude to Rose’s mother over the fence of a neighbor so they could save as much as they could from their home.

The family’s home was neither in a flood zone nor in an evacuation area. They believe a new wall surrounding their neighborhood created the flooding by causing a fishbowl effect. They carried no flood insurance on their home, so they will be forced to use money they had been saving for their wedding to rebuild their lives since their home appears to be a total loss.

Still, the family is grateful that everyone is safe, thanks to Chase.

“He’s about two years old, he’s a rescue dog, we rescued him, he returned the favor,” Hensley said in the story

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