Rescue Dog Whose ‘Best Friend’ Is A Brick Goes Viral After His Mom Shares These Adorable Photos

Not every dog has a “best friend” that turns out to be a brick. But Sunny, an adorable 1-year-old rescue dog, loves his brick and will lay with it all the time.

His human, Ariana Smoak, shared photos of Sunny snuggling with his “best friend” on Twitter and the photos instantly went viral.

Sunny’s story is even more heartwarming when you learn he is a rescue dog. Ariana rescued Sunny and his siblings from the street last year. They were all covered with fleas.

Ariana ended up keeping Sunny.

The brick’s origin is far more ordinary. The brick is just to “keep the carpet down” Ariana explains.

When Sunny found the brick as a puppy he began to sleep next to it.

As he grew, he continued on in his affections for the brick.

It seems it’s now a permanent fixture on the floor and Sunny’s headrest when he naps.

People have loved seeing Sunny and his brick and photos of the pair have spread all over the Internet.

When asked what Ariana thinks of Sunny’s Internet fame, she told “I would just say that it’s been a wild experience and I would’ve never imagined 20 million people would ever see my dog. The love is amazing.”

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