Rescue Donkeys Step Out Onto Grass For The Very First Time

Rescued from the desert and brought to Montgomery Creek Ranch in California, these eight Arizona Black Mountain burros had never seen grass before. The donkeys were introduced to it slowly because of their hay diet, but their shock at seeing the green grass for the first time is really something to see.

Watch as the first burro exits the truck and immediately jumps back at the sight of the grass before being joined by his buddies to explore it further.

The two burros stand on a patch of dirt as they investigate the ‘foreign’ terrain.

The video shows them being introduced to the grass for the first time. They were introduced slowly so that they wouldn’t become sick as a result of such a drastic change in their diet.

The video went viral, garnering more than three million views in the first day.

Three of the eight Black Mountain burros brought to Montgomery Creek Ranch are pictured here.

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