Rescue miracles continue for the abandoned and unwanted hurricane dogs

One can only shake their head in pure disbelief to think anyone could just abandon their dog and consciously understand their unwanted pets will suffer unbelievable anguish and fear before they ultimately would drown in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Still the heartless owners never returned.

During the days immediately following Texas’ worth hurricane disaster, the Underdog Project, a Dallas non-profit rescue organization, traveled to high stray areas in the south part of the city with supplies and with the purpose to rescue as many dogs as possible. For this particular rescue endeavor, many had been taken to safety by their families. One dog wasn’t so lucky.

This female black and white sweetheart jumped on top of a trailer trying to stay dry. As the waters receded, neighbors began to return to their homes, but no one ever returned for this girl. The owners had taken their other two dogs and left her behind – most of her teeth were broken or gone and huge patches of hair were missing from her once luxurious coat. She was no longer a priority – and it’s all too obvious she was no longer wanted nor loved.

And how was she supposed to have survived? During the rain, she watched and shivered as the running water reached peaks of four to five feet. In the past, neighbors saw this dog in the side yard as if she had been no more than a lawn ornament. She’s safe now; her owners have never called. Her new life begins, and after years of neglect, this dog will finally be cherished and loved.

Many thanks to the unsung heroes who make these miracles possible.

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