Rescue of a Scared Injured Homeless Dog on a Cold Day

Rescue of a Homeless Dog, Scared and Wounded. This homeless dog was found wandering the streets with a chain embedded in his neck. He had probably been chained when he was just a little puppy and, as he grew up, the chain remained embedded in his neck, strangling him and causing a deep, life threatening cut around his neck.

Sadly, in Romania it is still not illegal to chain dogs and in rural regions dogs are very often considered guarding “tools”, being tethered in backyards. Archie was rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization and helped to regain his health. As days passed, the wounds on his neck started to heal nicely, but it was his emotional scars that required a little more time to fade away. He was scared of pretty much everything: people, noises…Only he knows what life he had before! It took time for him to understand that not all people are mean.

Now Archie is a healthy, happy dog and he needs an adoptive family to offer him the loving home he has most probably never had. Archie is very sweet-natured, affectionate and loving with everyone, He’s playful and friendly with other dogs, loves squeaky toys and car rides, likes to be taken out for walks and he’s good on leash. He is a young dog, less than 2 years old, medium sized, 16 kg (35lbs), neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

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