Rescue pup uses his squeaky toy to soothe himself to sleep

Need a cuteness Monday story? Meet Myko, an adorable blend of mountain Cur, Great Pyrenees and ChowChow, who uses his squeaky toy to soothe himself to sleep. Yes indeed, where many of us use bedside recordings of ocean waves or counting ShihTzus jumping over tiny pillows, Myko has his own special way to relax and drift off to sleepy land.

According to Myko’s TikTok account, called @Mykomushroom, this charming pup describes himself as:

“Human in a dog suit✨ Rescue pup with a HUGE personality”

It seems as if Myko can’t fall asleep without his squeaky ball toy which he carries to bed or naptime with him. And here’s the best part according to his human; as the squeaking slows down and then stops, Myko is fast asleep.

Watch his eyes slowly getting heavier and heavier:

@mykomushroom The moment when he finally closes his eyes 🥺 Every time I’m sad I just watch this and instantly feel better. What’s your pet’s bedtime routine? #puppydog #cutedog #rescuedog ♬ MONACO – Bad Bunny

Myko does have several of the yellow “kernel” squeaky balls lying around the house. No one even wants to think what would happen if he couldn’t find his emotional support toy.

Now one of my favorite videos is Myko in the kitchen. Check this out; can your pup help with the food prep too?

@mykomushroom What do you think of his moves? Can he come cook in your kitchen? 🙊 #dogsoftiktok #funnydog #cutedog #cooking ♬ The Final Countdown (Originally Performed by Europe) [Instrumental Version] – Hit The Button Karaoke

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