Rescue Puppy With Handlebar Mustache In Need Of A Forever Home

Dallas Animal Services rescued a stray mama dog who had just given birth to a litter of 11 little babies, and Hearts & Bones Rescue agreed to take the family in. But one of the pups stood out from the rest; a little girl with an adorable handlebar mustache pattern around her mouth. 🙂

Photos of the unique-looking puppy were posted to the rescue’s Instagram account, and the internet fell in love with her! She was named Salvador Dolly after the Spanish painter Salvador Dali because of the similarity in facial hair.

The mother dog and her 5-week-old pups went on to live with their foster in Dallas where they will receive all the love they can handle before eventually finding forever families. At the end of August, the family will go up for adoption and try to find these forever homes in New York City!

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