This Rescue Story Will Make You Mad, But Then The End Will Make You SO Happy

When Vackor was discovered, she was with three siblings and her mother. They were abandoned in an empty suburban backyard. The four of them were barely hanging on to life, their mother unable to feed them in her severely weakened state.

After some time and much-needed nursing back to health, all of the pups and their mom were adopted.

If they hadn’t been found at just the right time, things could have gone very differently for these adorable dogs.


It’s mind-boggling to think someone could be so heartless to these cuties.


It didn’t take long for them to find families ready to take the precious pups and their mother into their homes.


But the folks who rescued the dogs couldn’t quite part with all of the puppies, keeping this sweet little girl for themselves.


Now named Vackor, the family regularly updates a blog about her “petite adventures.”


She loves joining her humans on journeys around town.


She loves showing off for the camera.


She’s grown up to be quite the lady.


Though she’ll never be too big to fit in the bike basket for a ride.


She’s ever curious.


And she might be a tad bit spoiled.


She’s pretty popular and has a ton of street dog besties.


What a happy ending to a sad start to life. These pups are seriously lucky. You can find even more adorable photos and follow along on all Vackor’s awesome adventures on her blog.

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