Rescue Worker Hears Crying Puppy Trapped Underground, But He’s Nowhere To Be Found

It’s always sad to see a puppy struggling in any way. They are such sweet, innocent creatures that hearing their little cries is truly heartbreaking.

So when Michigan Humane Society rescue workers learned there was a puppy trapped in a pipe, they rushed to the scene.

Once the organization arrived, all they could hear were the frantic cries of the dog coming from the pipe, but it was too dark to locate the puppy himself.

That’s when they called for help, and other services began rolling in to rescue the trapped pup.

Eventually, it was determined that an excavator would be needed to dig out the pipe and free the 1-month-old.

So the ground was dug up around the area where the dog was determined to be, and one worker lay down to get a better view of the situation. Sure enough, he quickly spotted the pup and very carefully reached inside to bring him to safety.

Seeing his sweet little face and knowing that he is going to be OK is truly an amazing moment.

All of these rescue workers spent their entire day working on this, and it is so worth it to know that the scared little guy will now be safe and warm.

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