They Rescued A Bait Dog From The Horrors Of Dog Fighting. When They Saw Her Mouth? OMG.

No doubt you have heard or read or even seen what happens to dogs during dog fights – it is a gruesome and disgusting thing. Dogs who are already nasty and mean are trained to be killers. They use bait dogs to help them train. Betsy was a bait dog.


She didn’t fight (which is what the people who are training dogs to fight want – you see, they don’t want their prize fighter getting hurt). Betsy took a terrible beating at the mouths of the other dogs. BUT, this story isn’t about how badly she was injured – this is her remarkable recovery story!


She not only survived, but she has thrived! Through all the pain, she never once lashed out at the people who helped save her. In the following series of videos, you can see how playful and happy she is! Betsy is a big dog and when she comes running into the room – watch out! Her happiness might just get you knocked over – and then you will probably get covered in kisses!

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