Rescued Dog Fosters Kittens After Their Mom Doesn’t Come Back

Mothers’ Day is just a few days away. And we here at IHeartDogs will always honor the dog moms and the mother dogs all over the world. Being a mom isn’t easy. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother! But it takes a lot of love, care, and a whole lot of patience to be one!

This dog just gave birth. But her maternal instinct is so strong that it extended to three other kittens who were dropped off at a shelter. Mary the dog is fostering three kittens that were dropped off without a mother at Pickens Animal Rescue. In the video, you will see Mary carrying the kittens back to the crate. The kittens crawl out of the crate and Mary makes sure that they are back safe with her. She looks after her puppies and her adopted kittens, and she keeps all of them warm. Check out the video below!

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