This Rescued Dog Is So Happy, He Sleeps Like This…

Every dog owner shares a special bond with their four-legged best friend, but for those who rescue their fur baby from a dire situation, the desire to make sure they’re happy carries a different kind of weight. It’s always uplifting to hear stories about adopted dogs who become comfortable enough in their new homes to really be themselves, and really enjoy their day-to-day life.

This kind of drastic transition is even more inspiring, though.

Meet Frank, a Dachshund mix who was adopted at 5 months old weighing only 6 pounds, totally deaf due to a neglected ear infection, no shots. The defensive, scared little Frank was lucky to find his forever home so early, and his owners are grateful for how happy he has become, now over a year and a half old.

Just how happy is Frank? In the sweet video below, we see him excited not just about daily life, but even about sleeping in his new, safe home. His tail wags almost the entire time he’s catching Z’s, not a care in the world.

So adorable. This video is further proof that rescuing dogs from negative circumstances and showering them with love and security can lead to amazing results, not to mention a very well-adjusted pup.

We wonder what Frank is dreaming about!?

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