After Being Rescued From A Dog Meat Farm This Puppy’s Response Says It All

As disturbing as it is to most of us in the Western world, especially us dog lovers, in South Korean culture, consuming dog meat is as common as eating chicken or beef. This inhumane reality means that a lot of dogs in that region find themselves helplessly trapped in dog meat farms, unaware of any other kind of life.

It brings tears to my eyes to think of my own dog being in that situation. Not knowing what it is to be part of a loving family and run freely and play like a dog should…so heartbreaking!

Luckily, in the video below, we meet a dog who managed to escape that awful fate. Snowball is a puppy who was rescued (along with 22 others) from a dog meat farm in South Korea by The International Humane Society. Adorable, energetic Snowball had never played with toys before, so it’s absolutely amazing to see him explore and become curious.

No dog should ever have to endure these horrors, but it’s heartwarming to think that Snowball and others like him still have a chance at a happy, healthy future.
How sweet is he!? The Humane Society has reported that Snowball is having the time of his little life at the shelter. He’s discovering what it means to be a puppy – and we hope he never forgets!

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