Rescued Dog Mom Adopts Homeless Baby Animals

Meet Peggy. Peggy is a sweet-tempered dog that was rescued, so she’s decided to return the favor to other animals in need. Peggy is a foster dog, but not because she’s being fostered – in fact, she’s doing the fostering! In this video, we see she’s taken in two homeless kittens and treats them as if they were her own puppies. She is extremely patient with the little kitties as she protects them and even plays with them. She’s so soft and gentle, it’s like she really knows that they’re just babies! Sweet Peggy is doing a great job teaching these kittens how to feel loved and cared for, just as her people did for her!

Peggy’s owners knew she’d be gentle and sweet with the new kittens, but they didn’t expect she’d become such an excellent surrogate mom. Big thanks to them for fostering, adopting and sharing this video!

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