Rescued Dog’s Amazing Performance At Sports Game Had This Crowd Going Nuts

Dogs are incredibly smart! You can train them to follow commands and train them to do lots of tricks! I’m sure all of you have seen some pretty amazing videos of dogs doing amazing tricks! And if you love those kind of videos, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna enjoy this one too!

Everyone, meet Geronimo! Geronimo or Mo, was rescued from a pound in Missouri by a lady named Samantha Valle. She was three months old when she was rescued. Since then Mo has been training with Samantha, and her specialty is doing different kinds of tricks! Mo loves doing tricks, and she also has a knack for agility and frisbee! In the video below you can see Samantha and Mo perform in a halftime show! Watch the video below and see their spectacular performance!

Wow! The crowd is cheering wildly for them! What an amazing performance!

Great job, Samantha and Mo! We definitely want to see more videos of your performances!

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