Rescued Dogs Get Rehabilitated By Prisoners Who Also Need A Second Chance

Dogs and humans have a lot more in common than we often think. We all lose our way sometimes, we all need a helping hand. So it’s amazing to hear stories about not just people helping dogs, but also dogs showing compassion and kindness for the struggling humans around them.

The video below, a clip from a Castaways documentary, tells just that kind of story…and it’s sure to pull on your heart strings. Esther, a sweet black and white dog, has a story far-too familiar for animal lovers.

Abused as a puppy, Esther was eventually rescued and started working with K-9 Companion, a program where unused or abused dogs are cared for and rehabilitated by prisoners. It’s truly an amazing journey that these animals and their human counterparts experience together. This video is definitely worth your time…it’s an incredible depiction of the power of love, friendship and kindness, no matter what your circumstances.

It’s hard not to tear up while watching that. Still, the sad backgrounds that brought these people and dogs together is overshadowed by the purpose and progress they bring to one another’s lives through this program. What did you think of the dynamic between these prisoners and their pups?

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