They Rescued A Homeless Dog, But They Sure Didn’t Expect This!

How was your Valentines Day? I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of loving couples going out on a date and holding hands. This story we have for you is a little bittersweet. Here we have a homeless dog who just love to hold hands, not just during Valentines day, but any day of the year.

Everyone, meet Pinkie, an 8-year-old cross breed who was taken to Blue Cross Animal Hospital in London for surgery. She had a painful ear condition, and her owners could no longer care for her. When she was at the hospital, the staff noticed that Pinkie was so desperate for human company. As soon as anyone would go near her, she would lift her paw for you to hold. Watch the video below and see how sweet this homeless dog is.

What a sweet dog you are, Pinkie!

Let’s help find Pinkie a loving forever home! Visit Blue Cross Org for more information.

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