Rescued: Little Darla unable to use her front legs lost at shelter

How did little Darla wander out onto the streets of South Los Angeles? The one-year-old stray, helpless poodle is unable to use her front legs, but she still wags her tail. She waited at the South Los Angeles Shelter for help.

And then came the welcoming news on Tuesday afternoon from rescue group, Foxy and the Hounds.

“YES… WE RESCUED DARLA #A1842461 from theSouth LA Animal Shelter today! This little girl broke everyone’s hearts watching the video that circulated across social media of Darla strugglng, having tremors and unable to use her front legs.”

Happy little Darla was immediately examined by the organization’s partner veterinarian.

“We were so thrilled to see Dr. Oh who fell in love with Darla just like everyone else. He says it’s definitely a neurological issue, could be caused from distemper as a puppy and this is the aftermath, could possibly be live distemper which we are testing for… but there are undoubtedly big issues going on with sweet Darla. She cannot use her front legs because of damage that has been done to her central nervous system, meaning there is a disconnect from her brain to her muscles. She will be staying the week admitted to the hospital on IV fluids, antibiotics, plasma treatments, and valium to help control the tremors. They will also run bloodwork, run a quantitative distemper test and be monitoring her.”

Many thanks to Foxy and the Hounds for reaching out to this special needs pup. Follow her progress on the group’s Facebook page.

Pledges can be honored and donations can be made 3 ways:

*Venmo: foxyandthehounds
*Checks can be mailed to:
Foxy and the Hounds
6520 Platt Ave. #222
West Hills, CA 91307

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