Rescued Mama Dog Gives Birth To A Litter Of … Cows?

Katie and John Black are volunteer foster pawrents for Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in Raleigh, NC. They recently took in a heavily pregnant Golden mix named Rosie.

When the big day arrived, the Blacks got quite a shock. Not one of Rosie’s four babies look the slightest bit like a Golden Retriever. In fact, as Katie wrote on Reddit, they look more like baby cows!

In keeping with the bovine theme, Katie and John named the pups Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle and Moo.

The identity of her babies’ daddy may be unknown, but the couple reports that Rosie is a wonderful, doting mom.

Katie posted a picture of Rosie with her black and white pups to Reddit, where it has been upvoted nearly 90,000 times – not bad for her first ever post on the site!

“My dad laughed for quite a while at the photos initially, and loved it and joked it’s the type of photo that goes viral and I should post it somewhere,” Katie told the Press Association. “I’m glad we did.”

Katie and John have been fostering dogs since 2009 and have helped 20 lucky pups find their forever homes in six short years! They also have three permanent rescue dog residents in their home named Winchester, Leroy and Annie.

“Her puppies will be adopted out when they are old enough to be, and we will also find a forever home for Mom as well!”  Katie said.

For more adorable photos of Rosie and her calves – I mean, pups! – follow the Blacks on Instagram.

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