Rescued Piglets Take Three-Legged Pit Bull For A Walk

Need something for your daily dose of cuteness? We have just the video for you!

We’ve shared a couple of videos of unlikely animal friendships and we never get tired of them. Those sweet and adorable animals have taught us that despite our differences, we can all get along if we’re kind to each other.

What we have here for you is an unlikely trio– two rescued piglets and a three-legged Pit Bull! These three are the best of friends! The piglets, Ivan and Mishka, were purchased for a petting zoo for Halloween. When the holidays were over, the pigs were auctioned for slaughter. But a kindhearted individual saved them from that horrible fate. They were brought to Animal Place, a sanctuary for farm animals, were they met some new friends!

There they met Bella, a three-legged Pit Bull. And one day, their human guardian caught the piglets doing something adorable! Watch the video below!

Awww…they’re trying to pull Bella’s leash and take her for a walk! And I just love how gentle Bella is with her piggy friends! It just shows how gentle Pit Bulls can be!

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