Rescued Pittie Steps Into The Backyard Of Her New Forever Home For The 1st Time And It’s SPECTACULAR!

Watching dogs who were once abused or neglected FINALLY feel what it’s like to be loved and cared for just might be the best thing on the planet. I don’t know about you but I never tire of watching videos like this!

It’s a sad fact but animal shelters across the country, and even the world, are overcrowded with animals just looking for a home. Sometimes – the life in a shelter is all that they know.

Some dog breeds are harder to find homes for than others. Sometimes it’s even because of their age or a disability. It just breaks my heart to think about!


Pit Bulls are a particular breed that seem to show up in kennels often. They are sometimes bred just for fighting and the horrid owners don’t want them anymore and just dump them off like trash.

The video on the next page will make you absolutely giddy with joy. Smack, the Pittie, finally gets to be welcomed into her new forever home. And her reaction is nothing short of joy-inducing!

As Smack is led into her new backyard for the first time, you can just tell that she is SO excited. I’m sure she can sense the relief. As soon as she’s able to wander around in her new territory? The smile on the sweet girl’s face is contagious!

Smack’s new owner is absolutely ecstatic to have her around. She’s prepared her home by buying Smack treats, an entire basket of toys, AND a framed picture of her new fur baby in her bedroom!

The tears of happiness are streaming down my face – are you feeling the same way? Share this incredible video with your friends and family!

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