Rescued Puppy Enjoys First Bath Ever

Wow!  Check out the relaxation on this little guy.  This little itsy-bits here is a rescue pup, and he’s getting his first “bath” ever, and we here at Life with Dogs think it safe to say that he is totally, completely and 100% relaxed.

Can you believe that this two-week-old puppy and his two sisters were found in a dumpster?  Someone had tossed them in there, and left them to die.  Human beings can be so unbelieveably cruel simetimes.  How could anyone want to hurt something so beautiful?

Thankfully, animal control officers managed to rescue him and his two sisters right in the nick of time. Animal control then got a hold of DFW Rescue Me, and the loving people got them a foster home. While they await a forever home, they’re under the watch of volunteer Claire Fowler. She is also the person that provided the footage for this video. Thank you so very much to the producer of this video, Daniel Howlett. Also, a big thanks goes out to editor of the video, Kyle Waters.

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