She Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill Months Ago, But When She Turned 10? I’m All Tears.

Puppy mills are places of sadness and abuse. Female dogs are forced to give birth to puppies over and over. What happens to the mother dog when she can no longer have puppies? Well, in Mischa’s case, she was left at a New Jersey shelter. The shelter couldn’t help provide for her medical needs; Mischa, a Shih Tzu mix, was in terrible shape.


But a rescue stepped in before she was put down. Road To Home Rescue took Mischa in after another rescue pulled her out of the shelter. Elyse Giurco, co-founder of Road To Home, said that Mischa’s teeth were in such bad shape even the veterinarian can’t approximate her age.


It was clear by the state of her sexual organs that Mischa had just been a breeding machine for most of her life. Mischa had three mammary tumors removed and extensive dental work. Mischa is now in foster care with Melissa, waiting for her forever home.

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