Rescued: Stray Gaston dog with paw stuck in coyote trap

Animal advocates across the country were alerted just days ago of a heartbreaking situation after a video circulated through social media showing a black Labrador with a coyote trap attached to her right front paw. On Sunday, a property owner reported seeing the dog wandering through his property in obvious pain and distress.

When notified, Lexington County officials in South Carolina tried to help. Animal Control officers set up humane cage traps to capture the dog. On Thursday afternoon, the Internet had garnered thousands of followers as animal advocates continued to follow reports of animal control officers searching the area of Glenn Road. In a news release, Lexington County spokesman Harrison Cahill stated:

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls and questions about a dog that’s moving around property on Glenn Road in Gaston with its paw caught in a coyote trap.”

Unfortunately the traps seemed to have been sprung, but the dog was nowhere in sight. Frustration continued to grow, and soon came a plea to Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope For Paws, a non profit rescue based in Los Angeles, California known for rescuing dogs and other animals from some of the most egregious and difficult situations. On Friday afternoon, Eldad and volunteer Loreta Frankonyte arrived in South Carolina.

For people wondering why the California rescue organization, Hope for Paws flew out to South Carolina to help with Hermione’s rescue, here is Eldad’s reason. Who can blame a man for wanting to help?

Hello Scott. Multiple traps are set by animal control, but she wouldn’t walk in. Animal control and rescuers have been trying different methods since last Sunday and didn’t have any luck. She must be in so much pain, and I just can’t sit here… I would rather spend my weekend rescuing.

Last time I was in South Carolina it was for Shaggy who had been living as a stray for 5 YEARS and was dying from heartworm, and no one could get her! I managed to work out a pretty amazing plan and with some amazing help from people who drove from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, we were able to save her life.”

At 2:00 Saturday afternoon, Hope for Paws posted the good news on their Facebook page:

“WE GOT HER!!! With help from an amazing team of volunteers, Hermione is now SAFE! Loreta Frankonyte will post updates from the hospital while I work with the vet to take this horrible device off her foot. Thank you all for crossing your fingers.” To donate for her medical care:

Photo and video of dog whose paw was caught in coyote trap via Facebook and Hope for Paws. More news to come about Hermione and her rescue.

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Click here for Hermione’s original video:


Lexington County, South Carolina – I need your help!!!This dog is suffering out there, and we are threatened that any attempt to rescue her will result in an immediate arrest!!! (We are told that there is an investigation, but this has been going on for a week now). I am sure that one of you must know someone in Lexington Animal Control and can talk to them about Hope For Paws and explain to them what we do… I need someone from the inside because they are not listening to my rescue friends out there.If you personally know an officer that can help us, could you please give me a call? 310-880-1416If you know anyone in Lexington who may know someone who could help, can you please tag them in this post? I don't want to turn to the media and make noise that will harm this girl… I just want to go there, get the dog, and get her to a hospital.I will take off to South Carolina as soon as I have a promise from the local police that I will not get arrested.Please share so I can find the person who can help with that.Thanks,Eldad

Posted by Hope For Paws on Thursday, May 25, 2017

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