Rescuer pleads for help to save dog’s eye

A long time dog rescuer is reaching out for help in behalf of a dog who is at risk of losing her eye. The rescuer, Laura Miller, hopes that funds can be raised for an adorable dog named June who was rescued from the Nashville Humane Association.

Laura writes:

About a month or so ago, we noticed June’s left eye watering and she couldn’t open it. Just fine one minute and the next minute, emergency. Off to the vet we went and the Dr. Blakey found her left eye had a corneal ulcer. We had a five day treatment plan that included plasma from her own dog as a donor and then back the next week for June’s follow up. It was healed! We were all prematurely elated.

Things did not improve for June – in fact, two days later, her eye was completely swollen shut. Despite multiple treatments, June’s condition has not been remedied – she now has to see a specialist, or she will lose her eye.

This unexpected health issue is beyond Laura’s financial means and she is hopeful that people may be able to lend her a hand, to save June’s eye. If you are interested, please click here to learn how you can help June. If you are unable to financially assist June, please share her fundraiser. Thank you!

June’s Emergency Cornea Diamond Burr Debridement

Veterinary Ophthalmology Services
4344 Kenilwood
Nashville Tn 37204

615 690 9399

Parker’s Paws Animal Hospital
43 Brookwood Terrace
Nashville, TN. 37205

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