Rescuers Approach Pit Bull On Top Of Flooded Car, Realize He’s Too Scared To Accept Help

Hurricane Harvey has caused so much pain and suffering while unloading 24.5 trillion gallons of water on the areas in and between Texas and Louisiana. Some were able to evacuate while others were left behind in the middle of the natural disaster.

Rescue teams have been hard at work saving any people or animals stranded by the floodwaters, but when one team noticed a dog hunkered down on top of a car with nowhere to go, they didn’t realize just how tough of a rescue it’d be.

As the men closed in and tried to reach for the pit bull, the dog’s fear took over and he lashed out at the rescuers. It turns out the dog had been trapped there for two days as people failed to lure him into their boats. Thankfully, one rescuer had a trick up his sleeve: some beef jerky! If anything was going to lure a terrified pit bull into their arms, this had to be it. The volunteer rescuers absolutely refused to leave the dog behind and were willing to see the process through.

And it worked! Finally, Harvey the pit bull was safe and sound for the first time in days. After getting Harvey back to land, they realized just what a sweet dog he actually is. If no one steps forward and claims Harvey, one of the rescuers will be happy to take him in and give him a loving forever home. Props to both Kyle Scott and Roy Etheridge for their hard work, determination, and ingenuity in what was an impossible situation for everyone else. The scene connected with people all over, and the news clip below from CBS DFW will surely capture your heart.

The life or death struggle for Harvey has finally come to an end, and he’s in very good hands. During such a tough time, it’s great to be able to see such inspirational, amazing rescue stories with happy endings.

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