Rescuers Brightened by the Smile of a Puppy Found Living Inside a Tire

Her heartwarming smile stirred her rescuers into action when they discovered her plight.

This story revolves around Panama, a helpless puppy, who was discovered living in an old tire, covered with mange in Memphis, Tennessee. The locals, unable to approach her, could only leave food for her.

They snapped a photograph of the poor dog and shared it online, hoping to garner help for her plight.

Upon seeing the online plea for assistance, Michelle Quina, a foster coordinator at the Streetdog Foundation, immediately rushed to aid the puppy.

At the sight of the rescuer, the puppy hastily retreated back into the tires. However, Quina managed to gently secure the pup, taking her to the vet for an examination. The vet diagnosed her with worms and demodex mange.

Fortunately, Panama quickly adapted to her new environment under Quina’s foster care after being successfully treated for mange. Now, her life is brimming with happiness, filled with playtimes, and opportunities to meet new people. She is even ready to be adopted into a loving forever home.

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