Rescuers Give Street Dog A Second Chance At Life With Emergency Surgery

Life is hard for street dogs and when they’re injured, they often suffer in silence. In some parts of India, dogs are seen as a pest and if they’re hit by a car or attacked by another animal, people don’t think twice about going on their way.

Thankfully, some people have compassion for street dogs and help those in need. When some Good Samaritans saw one of their neighborhood street dogs was terribly injured, they knew they couldn’t leave her to die.

They made the right choice by calling Animal Aid Unlimited and wrapped the pup in blanket until rescuers could arrive.

Her neck was in critical condition, but there was enough skin left to close the wound and get her into recovery. The team continued to care for her and were happy to report her sutures were healing nicely! Molly ate heartily over the coming days and gained strength as her wounds healed.

Now, she’s like a whole new dog! Animal Aid Unlimited was happy to report that Molly is now running, thriving, and loving life. She’s social, sweet, and grateful to be alive.

You can see her story in the video below!

Warning: Graphic Video Below

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