Rescuers Thank You for Helping Get Hoarded Dogs Healthy!

Dolly came from a hoarding situation where 30 dogs were living in a shed with an older gentleman.

Dolly went into foster, which turned out to be a foster fail due to Dolly’s sweet personality and love of life. Her foster mom had no choice but to adopt this cutie!

Miles came from the same hoarding situation as Dolly. He was one of 30 dogs found living with a single older gentleman in a shed. Today Miles is living the dream life with his new family, and he is spoiled rotten! His eyes are on his loving present and future, and life in the shed is now nothing but a distant memory.

“’s Rescue Bank helped us be able to have the food that Dolly needed to get better physically. She was only two pounds when we got her, and she should weigh six pounds.

“Rescue bank helps us by not making us spend all our money on dog food, and we can afford more vetting to help more animals.”

– Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan

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