Rescuers Were In Tears When They Found This Starving Mom At A Cockfighting Ring

When rescuers from the Humane Society of the United States arrived at an illegal cockfighting operation, they knew they would find several gamefowl in need of care. But they soon discovered more heartbreak waiting for them in the unfortunate establishment.

A startlingly skinny, severely malnourished mama dog and ten puppies were found barely surviving. The mom had clearly been struggling to give everything she could to keep her kiddos hanging in there, but she was barely surviving herself.
Watch the video for the surprise happy twist at the end:

Authorities would have only been able to charge the man responsible for their situation with a misdemeanor based on the gamefowl, but his actions toward this precious mama will keep him locked away as a felon for what is hopefully a very, very long time.

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