Rescuing the Hot Dog Stand Stray

Ed Kostro is a dog rescuer from Illinois that has dedicated his life to saving pets. He recently helped Maxine, a Border Collie stray who frequented a hot dog stand. This is her story.

Kostro learned about Maxine when the business owner contacted him to help this dog. The pet had been showing up at the fast food restaurant for months and the business owners, along customers and passing motorists, took pity on the dog and fed her scraps.

Maxine was not an easy dog to catch. She was elusive and didn’t have a set eating schedule. She showed up the fast food place whenever she felt hungry. Kostro and his rescue partner camped out for hours but were never able to see or catch the pet.

One early morning, the dog rescuer decided to leave behind a humane dog trap baited with tasty food for Maxine. This was the only way to capture the dog safely. Minutes after setting the trap, Maxine arrived. Lured by the tasty treats, she willingly walked inside the trap.

Kostro transported the dog back to his home and arranged his garage for her to decompress and transition to the life of an indoor pet. Meanwhile, he made arrangements for the dog to go with a registered rescue organization.

Maxine didn’t trust people, being leashed completely scared her and she need rehabilitation and a lot of training to help her gain the necessary skills to become an adoptable dog. However, Kostro believed this could be accomplished with time, patience and the right team.

Today Maxine is with a Border Collie rescue organization getting the training she needs to become an indoor house pet.

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