Resilient Dog Achieves Remarkable Recovery After Biscotti Tub Ordeal Lasting 2 Weeks

In Wilton, California, a spunky shepherd mix named Gracie has captured our hearts after enduring an ordeal that would leave most of us whimpering. For two weeks, Gracie wandered the streets with a plastic biscotti tub stuck firmly over her head.

The ordeal began innocently enough. Gracie, likely lured by the tempting aroma of leftover treats, somehow managed to squeeze her head through the bucket’s opening. Unfortunately, the bucket’s design proved a one-way trip, leaving Gracie trapped and unable to remove it herself.

According to the Wilton Animal Rescue, despite her predicament, Gracie displayed remarkable resilience. A local resident, Tara Morrison, noticed the bucket on Gracie around the sixth day and began leaving food and water each night, hoping to entice the dog close enough to help.

The rescue team sprang into action, setting humane traps baited with delicious crockpot chicken along Gracie’s usual path. Finally, after days of waiting, their efforts paid off, and Gracie was safely captured.

A veterinarian at Badger Creek Veterinary Clinic examined Gracie and found her, remarkably, in good health considering the circumstances. She was a little dehydrated and underfed, but her spirit remained unbroken.

Gracie’s story is a testament to her determination and the kindness of strangers. It also serves as a reminder to pet owners to be cautious with household items that could pose a danger to curious animals. Thankfully, Gracie has made a full recovery and is now seeking a loving forever home.

For more information on Gracie and how to adopt her or one of the many other pets patiently waiting for their forever homes, please click here.

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